20:27 PM

2/18 8:00 p.m. - Outage Restoration Update

Since early this morning, Jackson EMC has restored power to more than 18,000 members – 64,000 since the start of the storm. Unfortunately, today’s weather brought high winds causing an additional new 10,000 outages.

Despite this, outages have dropped from a high of 76,000 members affected to under 17,000 at this time.

As of 8 p.m., current outage numbers are as follows:

Banks 2,104
Barrow 1,020
Clarke 109
Gwinnett 100
Hall 8,803
Jackson 2,891
Lumpkin 1,184
Madison 143

Crews have encountered trees and limbs on lines and across roads and right-of-ways, 50 broken poles the Gainesville District and another 20 broke poles in the remaining districts.

While crews have restored power to the majority of the original 76,000 member outages, and they’ll continue to work into the night, the bulk of the remaining outages will hopefully be restored tomorrow in colder temperatures. Jackson EMC’s outside workforce for this ice storm, including contractors and other co-ops providing mutual aide, has grown to more than 800 workers, and an additional new 100 workers from neighboring co-ops and states will join the effort tomorrow.

Members can track and report outages online at www.jacksonemc.com.