14:25 PM

4 Easy Holiday Meal Prep Tips

The holiday season is a busy time of year – but a few smart moves in the kitchen can help you save energy and money. Make meal preparation easier by following some of these tips.

Replace Warped Pans

Flatbottom cookware allows for more contact with heating elements, which in turn heats your pan more effectively. A warpedbottom pot could use 50 percent more energy to boil water than a flatbottomed pot.

Use the Right Size Cookware

When cooking on the stove top, using the right size pan matters. Placing a six-inch pan on an eight-inch electric burner wastes more than 40 percent of the heat produced by the burner. In addition, covering pans as you cook also saves some energy.

Double Up

If possible, prepare double portions of your meal and cook them together. Freeze the extra portions for later. It takes a lot less energy to reheat food than to cook it twice. Using a microwave can use as much as 80 percent less energy when reheating food than a standard oven.

Give Your Heat Pump a Break

If you’re hosting people at home for a holiday party, turn down your thermostat to compensate for the extra heat. The heat from the oven and guests will make your home warmer. So, turn down your heat pump’s temperature to keep your home comfortable for everyone.