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5 Spots to Place Your Indoor Security Camera

Every home could use an indoor security camera as an extension of their home security system. They are great for extra security and protection against crime.

But, if you have an indoor security camera, where should you place it? Consider these spots:

  1. First Floor Windows: If an intruder can’t enter through a door, they may try a first-floor window. Having a security camera sit on a table facing the window (diagonally to reduce glare) can work as a great deterrent if burglars see the camera.
  2. Stairways: Placing a security camera on stairways guarantees capturing two images of burglars – one as they go up the stairs and the other as they go down the stairs.
  3. Front and Back Doors: Monitoring your main entrances makes sense. Most burglars will try the front door first, then side and back doors. Point an indoor security camera directly at the door, facing outside. If possible, aim to keep the camera about 7 feet off the ground pointing down at a slight angle. This is ideal to capture a clear view of an intruder’s face.
  4. Master Bedroom: Burglars usually go to the master bedroom first because of the valuables kept here.
  5. Garage and Sheds: Approximately 9 percent of all break-ins occur through open garage doors. Place a security camera inside a garage or shed at an angle (to avoid sunshine glare) to capture any potential burglars.

It’s important to remember that security cameras are not a replacement for monitored home security systems. They are simply to add an extra layer of security. With professional monitoring by EMC Security, if an intruder gets inside your home, you will have help quickly.

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