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A Climbing Career

The Climb from Apprentice to Journeyman

Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable line crews provide you with safe, reliable electric service. You may see them in the community installing new power poles and equipment, maintaining our system or restoring power after a storm. The skills they develop and experience they receive helps ensure our members are in good hands for years to come.

Do you know what it takes to become a lineman at Jackson EMC? It takes years of classroom instruction, training and hands-on experience to reach an advanced role called a journeyman lineman. In fact, starting as an apprentice and becoming a journeyman lineman takes 7 years to attain. 

At Jackson EMC, beginners – called apprentices – join our team with the opportunity to receive paid training and on-the-job experience. Apprentices can become linemen, followed by journeyman linemen. As they learn and grow through our lineman training program, they could earn college-level credentials for the electric industry. 

Apprentice - 1-3 Years Experience

What Does an Apprentice Do?

An apprentice is an entry-level position that assists and learns from experienced co-workers. Apprentices learn how to climb poles, frame and set poles, maintain certain equipment on poles, install security lights and more.

How Can an Apprentice Advance to Lineman?

Apprentices study the basics of line work while learning best practices, safety techniques and industry-standard procedures. Jackson EMC’s Lineman’s Training Program requires apprentices to study 200 modules and on-the-job training taught by experienced linemen. Apprentices take multiple exams as their performance is continually evaluated.

Lineman - 4-6 Years Experience

What Does a Lineman Do?

Linemen perform more complex tasks, such as working safely around energized power lines, installing transformers and setting poles in energized areas. They also operate bucket trucks and may assist instructing apprentices while under the supervision of a journeyman lineman.

How Can a Lineman Advance to Journeyman Lineman?

Jackson EMC linemen continue their classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

Journeyman Lineman - 7+ Years Experience 

What Does a Journeyman Lineman Do?

A journeyman lineman is an advanced position that includes supervising apprentices and linemen. They are the lead crew person on job sites and may coordinate activities with contractors, builders and members. 
Journeymen linemen direct the day-to-day activities of a crew, such as new construction, replacing equipment and maintenance work.

How Can a Journeyman Lineman Advance in Their Career?

Along with their experience, journeymen linemen must also complete coursework and certification in safety leadership. Once they become a journeyman lineman, they receive certification from the U.S. Department of Labor and the American Council of Education (ACE). They have the opportunity to seek a position as a crew foreman, who oversees multiple line crews.