16:46 PM

A Heart for the Homeless

Diane Davis, customer service representative organized and delivered winter weather clothing to Good News at Noon in Gainesville

District Customer Service Representative Diane Davis organized a winter weather clothing drive with her co-workers and collected coats, gloves, scarves, hats and blankets and delivered them to Good News at Noon, a homeless ministry in Gainesville.

At an early age, Davis learned about the importance of giving and helping others from her parents. Her mother ran a homeless shelter. She and her siblings would go with their mother to work with those less fortunate, even preparing meals, organizing clothing closets and befriending children in need.

The memories and the example set for Davis are the reasons she continues to help others. “As the weather started to turn brutally cold, I knew there would be people without shelter and cold weather clothing. I also knew that most of us have extra items we no longer need but that are still in good shape, so I mentioned it to my co-workers, and the drive had begun,” Davis said.

Davis encourages others to get involved. “There are a lot of people and organizations in need, and by sharing this story, I hope others will consider doing similar projects. I’d also like to see younger generations get engaged, just as my children are now, and I plan to share the same message with my grandchildren since serving others isn’t defined by age,” added Davis.

The folks who utilize Good News at Noon are there for basic needs like clothing, food and shelter. “A little compassion and kindness goes a long way. We are all so busy and often forget about the less fortunate, but the holiday season is a good reminder,” Davis concluded.

“Her co-workers agree that Diane has a huge giving heart and is a tremendous blessing to them and the community,” said Bill Sanders, district manager.
Good News at Noon serves the homeless and those in need in Gainesville and Hall County. Learn how you can get involved at www.goodnewsatnoon.org.