09:36 AM

An Easy Way to Compare Electric Vehicles

From SUVs to pickup trucks, there are more options for electric vehicles (EVs) than before. Interested in EVs? Our online tool makes it easy to compare the latest EV models. 

Available at jacksonemc.com/ev, the model comparison tool allows you to sort EV options by manufacturer, year, price, range per charge, battery capacity, and efficiency.

 “When members are considering buying an EV, using this free tool helps members compare models according to their preferences,” said Christy Queen, Jackson EMC’s director of residential marketing. “For some members, price is important while others want a greater driving range each time they charge their EV. This is a great way for members to understand their options.” 

Along with the EV comparison tool, the website also provides a map showing EV charging stations, a savings calculator, information about potential tax credits, and facts about EVs. Jackson EMC also offers members a $250 rebate for a Level 2 EV charger.

For details, visit jacksonemc.com/ev.