09:18 AM

An Update on Offering Incentives to Broadband Providers

In last month’s issue of JEMCO News, we shared information about the Georgia Broadband Opportunity Act. In response to this act, electric cooperatives across the state, including Jackson EMC, have “rolled out the red carpet” with a proposed a solution that incentivizes broadband providers to expand in areas that need it most in Georgia. 

Here's an update on this issue:

  • A proposal on behalf of Georgia’s EMCs was submitted to the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). The two-pronged incentive approach calls for a “One Buck Deal” in which EMCs will lower their pole attachment rate to $1 per pole, per year, for five years for broadband providers to expand service in unserved areas. The proposal also calls for the “Georgia One Touch Make Ready” program to empower broadband providers to prepare EMC poles without delay for their equipment.
  • The PSC held public hearings on submitted proposals on November 18-20.
  • A final decision by the PSC on the proposals and testimonies will be made on December 15.

Georgia's EMCs are expecting a positive outcome for their members across the state. To learn more, visit emcs4ruralbroadband.com.