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Are You a Renter?

Think about your options for home security.

Home security systems aren’t just for people who own their homes – there are options to protect your residence if you’re a renter, too. EMC Security has offered its security services and products to residents and businesses since its founding in 1998. When it comes to getting a security system for an apartment, there are some factors EMC Security recommends you consider.


Most rental management companies don’t allow residents to drill holes in walls to run wires. A wireless security system is a good option. Wireless security systems are easy to install and set up. Unlike a wired system, wireless security is also portable, so you can use the system in another residence if you move.

Fewer Entrances 

Apartments typically have fewer doors and windows than single-family houses for potential burglars to enter. With less square footage, an apartment may not need an extensive security system.


EMC Security’s DIY security system is an affordable option if you’re a renter. With DIY, you can avoid installation fees and enjoy the convenience of setting up your alarm system according to your schedule. The DIY self-installed system is a one-time cost of $275 from EMC Security and includes stepby- step instructions and a video guide for setting up your system.

Security Cameras 

Along with a security system, a security camera – like EMC Security’s indoor camera – can help you enhance your apartment’s protection. When paired with a monitoring app, an indoor camera can show you what’s happening inside your apartment on your phone. The indoor camera can also change its view to focus on different things, such as a pet. EMC Security’s indoor camera is $135. 

EMC Security offers the same security service available to all customers, including its no-contract policy, for apartments.

For more information, call EMC Security at 770-963-0305, or visit emcsecurity.com.