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Are You Energy Savvy?

How Jackson EMC's Online Resources Can Save You Money

For many people, winter's chill often signals a rise in electric bills. Which has many asking, is Mother Nature the sole culprit? Perhaps.

But, if weather isn’t the only cause of higher electric bills, do you know the other sources?

If you’re not already savvy on how to save money on your electric bills, Jackson EMC has online tools that can help guide you.

For starters, Jackson EMC’s Home Energy Monitor gives you a personalized report on your energy usage. Knowing where your energy dollars are going is a key step to intentionally lowering your electric bill. The web-based Home Energy Monitor not only shows you where your energy dollars are being spent, but also gives recommendations on how to lower your costs.

For most residents, heating and cooling costs represent a large portion of their energy usage. But, do you know how much another major contributor – water heating – is costing you? The Home Energy Monitor provides that insight.

After completing the brief online profile of your residence, you will receive personalized saving tips and the steps you can take to lower your energy use. For example, installing a smart thermostat and using ENERGY STAR™ rated appliances can result in significant savings. The Home Energy Monitor tells you how much you can expect to save annually with each recommendation.

You can also view an analysis showing how much of your bill is from other energy usage, such as cooking, refrigeration and lighting.

Once you’ve learned where your energy dollars are being spent, you can use another web-based tool, Jackson EMC’s My Energy Use portal, to view when you’re consuming energy by the day and hour. My Energy Use’s dashboard is accessible via your online account at ebill.jacksonemc.com.

Learning the hourly and daily energy use habits of your family, you may notice patterns that can be opportunities to become more energy efficient. For example, a spike in usage each morning at 7 a.m. may signal the need for your family to turn off more lights and appliances when getting dressed each day.

With the combination of My Energy Use and the Home Energy Monitor, you’re savvier on your energy usage, which leads to savings on your electric bill.