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Are You Prepared for Storms?

Before a storm hits, be sure you're ready.

Severe weather can happen any time of year. When severe weather hits, it’s important to have basic supplies ready in the event of extended power outages.

During and after dangerous weather – such as winter storms, a tornado or a summer downpour – there may be extended power outages and downed power lines.

Ask yourself, What would I need for myself and my family if severe weather hit? and What would I or my family require if we didn’t have access to a grocery store or pharmacy for at least three days?

You can stay prepared for severe weather by gathering necessary supplies in advance and developing a plan for your family.

To prepare your supplies and plan, focus on these key areas: emergency communication, medical needs, food and water, tools and safety items, warm clothing and blankets, and critical documents.

  • Develop and practice an emergency plan; with everyone in your household.
  • Ensure your cellphones are charged before the storm hits.
  • Protect and unplug electronic equipment in the event of a surge when power is restored.
  • When a major storm in imminent, fill your bathtub with water if your home's water is pumped electronically.
  • If someone in your household  relies on medical equipment, identify an alternate location with power where they can go during an outage.

Prepare for a storm by assembling a kit. 

  • Cellphone car charger, battery pack or solar charger
  • Special items for infants, the elderly or family members with special needs
  • First aid kit and extra prescription medications
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other personal items
  • Battery-powered NOAA weather radio
  • Non-perishable foods that require no heating for at least three days
  • Books, games, cards or puzzles for entertainment
  • Three gallons of water for each person in your household
  • Sleeping bad or warm blanket for each person in your household
  • A variety of hand tools
  • Cash
  • Food and water for pets and livestock for at least three days
  • Identification and copies of important family documents, such as passports, in a waterproof and portable container
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Hand-operated can opener

How to report a power outage to Jackson EMC:

  • Visit outage.jacksonemc.com
  • Call 1-800-245-4044
  • Use the MyJacksonEMC mobile app

For more resources about preparing for storms, visit jacksonemc.com/storm.