17:23 PM

Armadillo Eggs

“Known for their egg-like appearance, these sweet and savory treats are sure to wow your guests in look and flavor. The cheese forms the yolk, while the sausage and jalapeno form the shell.” – Adam Pace, Commerce, Ga. 


2 Pounds Ground Breakfast Sausage

10-12 Large Jalapeno Peppers

5 Individual String Cheese Sticks (Cheddar Preferred)

Barbecue Seasoning



Prepare peppers by cutting off the top and removing stems and seeds.

Place string cheese inside the cored pepper and slice the cheese flush with the top of the pepper.

Form sausage into 2.5-3-inch balls.

Flatten each ball of sausage to around ¼-inch thickness and wrap the sausage around the stuffed pepper, completely covering them and forming an egg-shape.

Once finished, season with your favorite barbecue rub and heat your grill to medium heat (350°F).

Place the eggs on the grill and cook for 30 minutes, or until sausage is browned, turning them halfway through the cook time.

When all the eggs are cooked through, remove to a plate and drizzle with honey on top.

Chef’s Note: If jalapenos are too hot, char them prior to cooking to help remove some heat, or replace with sweet mini peppers. For an additional wow-factor, after the eggs are covered in sausage, wrap them in bacon for a real treat.