12:28 PM

At a Glance: Margin Refunds

  1. Jackson EMC tracks how much electricity you use and pay for each year. 
  2. At the end of the year, Jackson EMC looks at the cost to maintain and deliver reliable electric service to determine if there are excess revenues.
  3. The cooperative allocates the revenues left over as "margin refunds" to members, based on how much electricity they've used.
  4. If financial conditions allow, the Jackson EMC board of directors will return margin refunds for specific years to members in the form of a check.
  5. Jackson EMC mails margin refund checks to members in December.

This December, current and former Jackson EMC members who received electric service during 1991, 1992 and/or 2018 will receive their share of $12 million in margin refunds. Checks will be mailed this month.