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Before You Dig, Contact Georgia 811

Whether you’re a homeowner taking on a do-it-yourself yard project or a professional excavator preparing for your next big job, you’ll need to contact Georgia 811 before you dig.

Because important utility lines may be buried underground, it’s essential that you notify Georgia 811 before beginning any mechanized digging in order to prevent damage to underground equipment and harm to people. Requests can be submitted by calling 811 or visiting georgia811.com.

When you contact Georgia 811, the organization will contact local utilities— who have 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to come to your dig site to locate and mark their underground equipment. Each utility uses a different color flag to designate the location of their equipment. For example,red flags are used for underground power lines. After each utility has mark edits lines, you will be advised if it's OK to dig.

Wondering if your project is big enough to warrant a request to Georgia 811? In those cases, it’s recommended you call Georgia 811.

Georgia 811’s website includes safety information including how to prepare for your dig and safe digging practices. For excavators and building contractors, the website includes Georgia laws and policies.

For more information, or to contact Georgia 811, visit georgia811.com or call 811.