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Behind the Scenes to Restore Power

Power outages can happen at any time for a variety of reasons. If your power goes out, Jackson EMC works quickly to restore it.

Members are encouraged to report power outages by visiting outage.jacksonemc.com or by calling 1-800-245-4044.

Jackson EMC receives automated alerts from meters installed at members’ homes when there is a power outage, but your information can help crews further pinpoint the issue. Once our system control is alerted about a power outage, our dispatchers send line crews to investigate the cause and work on repairs.

Bad weather isn’t the only cause of power outages. Power outages can be caused by tree limbs falling on power lines, animals or birds interfering with power lines, or vehicle accidents.

Linemen will investigate the cause of the outage and report the progress of repairs to Jackson EMC’s system control.

While many power outages can be restored almost instantly with smart technology, other outages, such as those involving extensive damage to power poles, may take longer to repair. Jackson EMC’s outage map shows where power outages are currently reported and how many members are affected.

Once power is ready to be restored, our system control is notified.

Members can view current outages at outage.jacksonemc.com