10:22 AM

Brandon Ashley speaks to 4-H Leaders about Benefits of EMC Partnerships

Brandon Ashley, a Jackson EMC Business Development Manager, recently participated in a virtual professional development series for 4-H staff members statewide called, “Mapping Your Community.” In this session, Brandon shared the importance and benefits of 4-H leaders connecting with local EMCs.

Brandon has been a lifelong champion for 4-H. He is a Master 4-H’er, served as a camp counselor and was the president of the University of Georgia’s Collegiate 4-H group. And, Brandon met his wife Kelle, who currently serves as a 4-H agent in Oconee County, while serving as counselors at Rock Eagle, a 4-H camp in Georgia. Brandon used his lifelong ties to 4-H to communicate the benefits of connecting with local EMCs.

In his presentation, Brandon encouraged 4-H agents to reach out to EMCs for many reasons, whether it be a sponsorship need, volunteer need or a need for making additional connections in the community.

“There’s an old saying that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I see it in Athens where I live, that the same small group of people are the ones volunteering, involved with civic clubs and active in the Chamber. You might see it in your communities, also,” Brandon said during the session. “EMCs are often available to help you directly. But, they can also use their contacts to help you get plugged into the community even more – connect you with that 20% involved.”

Jackson EMC employees like Brandon routinely put the seventh Cooperative Principle - “Concern for Community” - in action when they volunteer to help local organizations that serve others.