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Bright Ideas 2016 Winners

In 2016 $61,700 in grants were awarded to 36 educators for projects at 24 schools in 9 different school systems.

Jackson EMC employees surprised 50 middle school teachers in 29 schools with more than $61,700 in grant money from the Bright Ideas program. Winning entries represented a variety of disciplines, including engineering, history, information technology, language arts, math, music, science and social studies. Jackson EMC increased the grant funding in 2016 by more than $10,000, awarding 14 more classroom projects for experiential problem-solving.

The Bright Ideas grant program, in its third year at Jackson EMC, funds creative lesson plans and innovative classroom projects developed by state certified teachers for public middle schools within the counties served by Jackson EMC. Educators for grades six through eight can apply for up to $2,000 in grant funds for classroom projects that are not funded through general education dollars.

2016 Bright Ideas Prize Brigade Photos

Photos of the 2016 Bright Ideas Winners holding checks

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2016 Bright Ideas Winners
School Awarded Educator Project
Bear Creek MS $1,284.82 Holly Shepherd Grizzly Garden
Berkmar MS $1,080.00 Jim Roberson Literacy for Hearing Impaired
Brooks Coleman MS $2,000.00 Sheila Harmony Indoor Hydroponics System
Burney-Harris-Lyons MS $603.10 Patrick Harrigan Windmill Blade
Burney-Harris-Lyons MS $676.36 Barbara Saunders Soil Creation
C.W. Davis MS $1,974.50 Meredith Westbrook Building Spanish Skills
Chestatee Academy of Inquiry & Talent Development $682.50 Heather Chandler It's WONDERful
Chestatee Academy of Inquiry & Talent Development $1,591.50 Jeanne Rountree Think Tank
Clarke MS $707.00 Shelby Robinson Owls Magazine
Commerce MS $907.89 Stephanie Ring Water Conservation
Commerce MS $1,648.67 Adam Shirley RoboLegoMania
Creekland MS $336.00 Leah Loper Find Your Way Directional Skills
Creekland MS $335.00 Marcy Martin Literature Circles
Five Forks MS $248.75 Laura Ross Peer Leading Communication Skills
Frank Osborne MS $1,782.50 Kellyn Aguilar Tower Garden
Gainesville MS $740.00 Sharla Gladden Dissection Lab
Gainesville MS $843.78 Jim Bradley Hydro/Wind Power
Haymon-Morris MS $954.32 Melissa Miller Exploring Renewable Energy
Hull MS $898.04 Kari Salomon Modeling Solar Energy
Hull MS $2,000.00 Regina Dobbs Electromagnetism Motor Build
Jefferson MS $445.00 Jeff Williams Breakout EDU
Jefferson MS $1,149.60 Taylor Brown Garden of Eatin
Jefferson MS $1,598.00 Randy Farmer Art in Space
Jordan MS $895.05 Jennifer DaSilva Electromagnetism Simulation
Lanier MS $1,920.00 Amy Franks Designing a Butterfly Garden
Lanier MS $1,999.52 Michele Langhans Colony Design With Chemistry & Physics
Lanier MS $2,000.00 Katheryn Holden Creating an Outer Space Colony
Lanier MS $1,189.93 Karen Jones Historical Investigations
Lumpkin County MS $499.53 Tina Wood Science Court
Lumpkin County MS $1,170.46 Mariam Brunner Carry On Leaning Journal
Lumpkin County MS $1,720.00 Bryan Fagan STEAM Virtual Reality
Madison County MS $2,000.00 Melody Christian Lego Education: Building a Robotic System
North Hall MS $478.94 Lori McBride Forensic Science
Northbrook MS $650.39 Angelika Shelley Postcrossing: International Exchange
Pinckneyville MS $349.65 Bridget B Guenthner Communicating Mathematically
Radloff MS $434.10 Pepper Price Viral Outbreak: Where Next?
Radloff MS $536.55 Sarah Farr Leaving Glorytown Novel Study
Radloff MS $1,974.31 Julie Wilkerson STEAM Design & Build
Russell MS $1,950.00 Leah Jordan Audio Books
South Hall MS $1,037.90 Megan Kotula Pollution & Plants
Sweetwater MS $1,960.00 Tracy LeSueur Media Makerspace
Sweetwater MS $1,960.00 Clarisa Rene-Kinshasa COMPEL: Collaborative Learning
Twin Rivers MS $699.00 Lindsey Robertson MobyMax
Twin Rivers MS $1,974.00 Andrew Cox Vernier LabAQuest
West Jackson MS $1,229.74 Dana Harrell American Folk Songs
West Jackson MS $1,988.00 Lara Komanecky Literacy Integration
Westside MS $1,270.00 Elizabeth Moore Mobile Editing
Westside MS $1,532.44 Christina Morris Un mundo de la exploracion
Westside MS $1,819.35 Tina Kinchen 3D Physical Science
Westside MS $2,000.00 Dee DeBold Dragsters/Bridges