13:25 PM

Charging Made Easy for EV Owners in New Homes

Going electric introduces a new aspect to owning a car – the process of charging your EV at home. A new townhome development in Gwinnett County is making that process a little easier for homebuyers.

Rockfern Place in Norcross is Jackson EMC’s first “EV Make Ready” residential development that features pre-installed 240-volt outlets in garages to charge EVs faster as an add-on to the cooperative’s Right Choice new home program.

Typically, households have standard 110-volt outlets that are compatible with Level 1 chargers, which are slower. A Level 2 charger is faster, but requires a higher-voltage connection. Jackson EMC recommends members considering installing a Level 2 EV charger or 240-volt outlet should contact a licensed electrician.

“By installing a 240-volt outlet in new homes, builders have eliminated the need for homeowners to go through the extra steps and costs of hiring an electrician for EV charging setup,” said Nelson McGinnis, Jackson EMC’s manager of residential new development.

The Jackson EMC Marketplace also offers a rebate for members who purchase a Level 2 EV charger through the online store. “Builders, like members, have become more interested in technology and ways to make homes more energy efficient,” McGinnis said.

Rockfern Place is a Right Choice subdivision. Right Choice homes are built exclusively in Jackson EMC’s service area with exceptional standards for energy efficiency and comfort. Right Choice homeowners also benefit from Jackson EMC’s lowest residential energy rate.

“We’re excited that Jackson EMC has been involved throughout the process of designing and building these new homes and we look forward to similar developments in the future,” McGinnis said.