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Check Your Home for Potential Electrical Safety Issues

Electrical failures and malfunctions are the most common causes of electrical fires. You can check your home’s electrical system to spot potential safety hazards.

Electrical Outlets

Faulty electrical outlets are a leading cause of home fires. As outlets age, so do the wires behind them. Any loose, damaged or warm-to-the- touch outlets should be checked by a licensed electrician.

Overloaded Cords and Outlets

Extension cords are not permanent solutions. Using an extension cord for too long may damage the cord, creating a fire and shock hazard. Consider having a licensed electrician install new outlets.

Old Appliances

Older appliances are more likely to have loose or damaged wiring, which means they’re more likely to be a fire hazard. Check the wiring on any older appliances to determine if it’s time to upgrade or replace.

Electrical Wiring

Frequently tripped breakers, flickering lights and burning smells are clear warning signs that electrical wiring isn’t working properly. If your home is more than 20 years old, it may not be able to handle today’s increased demand to power more appliances and equipment. If you suspectyour home’s wiring is outdated, contact a licensed electrician.