14:09 PM

Chris Certain, Franklin County 4-Her, Takes Top Honors at 2023 Quality Beef Show

Representing FFA and 4-H clubs from Banks, Franklin, Hall, Jackson, Lumpkin, Madison and Oglethorpe counties, 54 young people competed for awards and cash prizes in the August 2023 show. Together, the students entered 84 cattle in the competition held at the Jackson County Agriculture Facility in Jefferson on August 12. Tim Street served as the 2023 judge, evaluating heifers and steers, as well as showmanship, during the event. 

A Shorthorn Plus heifer, shown by Chris Certain, Franklin County 4-H, won the Supreme Champion Heifer honors at the 2023 Quality Beef Show, sponsored by Jackson EMC.  Certain, owner and handler of the champion heifer, is an 8th grader from Franklin County.

Also, a Crossbred Steer, shown by Certain, Franklin County 4-H, won the Supreme Champion Steer honors at the 2023 Quality Beef Show.

Young people competing in the Quality Beef Show use the experience and judge’s feedback to prepare for the statewide competition in Perry. Each year since 1969, Jackson EMC has sponsored the Quality Beef Show to honor the contribution the agriculture industry makes to Northeast Georgia’s economy. FFA and 4-H club students spend countless hours preparing the cattle to look their best. This includes shampooing, moussing and hair drying; polishing hooves; trimming hair and combing tails.

Exhibitors may enter up to two heifers or steers per class and up to four head in the entire show. Heifers are shown by breed. The top two heifers in each breed class compete for Breed and Reserve Breed Champion of their respective breeds. All the Breed Champions then compete for Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion. Steers are shown by weight, and the top two steers from each class compete for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Steer of the Show.