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Clearing the Path for Your Power

An aggressive right-of-way maintenance program at Jackson EMC not only keeps the property under power lines free from hazard; it keeps our members and utility workers safe from potential dangers.

Right-of-way crews work year-round to keep a 30 foot wide path clear under electric power lines, with 15 feet cleared on either side of the line. Trees are trimmed, underbrush is cut back and any trees that could grow into the line are removed or scaled back. Exposed stumps are treated so they won’t sprout; and, after cleared, the areas under lines are treated to prevent broadleaf from returning while keeping grasses intact.

Keeping the path under power lines clear provides utility workers quick access to lines when work needs to be done and creates a safer working environment for our line crews – or for anyone else who happens to be near the power lines.

Also, a clear right-of-way often means less damage to your power distribution system after high winds and stormy weather because there’s less chance of trees and limbs falling on power lines.

“Since embarking on our aggressive right-of-way maintenance program about eight years ago, Jackson EMC has experienced fewer storm-related outages,” says Dwayne Ansley, director of Operation Services.

Right-of-way crews work on a five-year cycle to keep vegetation cleared under all 6,500 miles of overhead line throughout our service territory. If it’s apparent that property owners are maintaining the right-of-way and nothing on it is in danger of interfering with power lines, crews will move on to the next property.

Crews working under power lines are typically in trucks identified with Jackson EMC logos. If you question the identity of someone working near power lines, call your local Jackson EMC office where itineraries of each day’s right-of-way maintenance schedule are kept.

For information about what trees and plants are best to plant under or near power lines, visit www.jacksonemc.com.