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Comfort & Convenience, Guaranteed

EMC Security and Jackson EMC's Right Choice Come Together for Today's Home

Convenience and comfort are built into every home with Right Choice™ energy efficiency and EMC Security smart home technology. Convenience comes from knowing that, with home automation, your home is well monitored. Comfort comes from knowing that the people and things inside your home are safe and secure with a system that responds in seconds. And with smart design, you can keep your home at its seasonal best.

Imagine using an app on your phone to turn on the porch lights for a dinner guest; lock the front door after pulling out of the driveway; arm or disarm your security system while building a sandcastle a hundred miles away; or to set your thermostat down a few degrees so you’ll be cool when you finally get home. These are a few possibilities you’ll have with home automation from EMC Security. “Home automation is easier and more economical than ever before,” said Vince Raia, president of EMC Security. “For years we have seen increasing connectivity, convenience and security with our mobile devices. The natural extension is being connected to and managing our homes in a similar way. Rocklyn Homes is making the connected home a reality for their customers.”

Convenience is Great. Comfort is Essential.

With Right Choice,™ homes are designed and built to standards guaranteed to maintain the temperature inside your home within three degrees of the thermostat setting. This guarantee is possible through smart design, which includes superior insulation and efficient HVAC design.

Working with Rocklyn Homes at their new Horizon subdivision, located on Cruse Road in Lawrenceville, JEMC and EMC Security provide “invisible luxury.”

“Homebuyers can’t see what’s behind the walls, but with the Right Choice™ process, each home has been designed and built with comfort and efficiency in mind,” said Joy Ellis, a residential sales representative with JEMC.

In addition to comfort, EMC Security has wired each home in Horizon with cutting-edge security and smart technology features. Windows and doors are equipped with a perimeter intrusion detection system. Motion sensors monitor movement on the first floor of the house, ready to alert authorities if someone threatens to intrude. The thermostat, lights and door locks can all be controlled from a smartphone or computer, whether you are nearby or monitoring your home from far away.

Jackson EMC partners with builders through the Right Choice™ program to design homes built for energy efficiency, sustainability, improved indoor air quality, convenience and comfort. Homes certified as Right Choice™ qualify for the lowest electric rate offered by Jackson EMC – the Energy Advantage Rate saves homeowners an average of five percent off their bill. And the rate stays with the home, so every future sale comes with Jackson EMC’s lowest rate as well.

Take a look around Rocklyn Homes’ new Horizon subdivision to see these features, or ask your real estate agent to find you your own Right Choice™ home.

Not in the market for a new home? You can still add home automation and make some upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of your house.

To learn more about Right Choice™ contact your local JEMC office, or see www.jacksonemc.com/ rightchoicenewhome. More about EMC Security can be found online at www.emcsecurity.com. More about Horizon is available at www.rocklyn homes.com/communities/horizon/.