10:33 AM

Community Impact: Gainesville-Hall Community Food Pantry

Each month, we feature an organization that recently received a grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation. These grants are made possible by members who participate in Jackson EMC’s Operation Round Up® program, which rounds each month’s electric bill up to the next whole dollar amount.

Funds raised through Operation Round Up are used to address charitable needs and provide financial assistance throughout our 10-county service area. One hundred percent of members’ contributions go toward improving the lives of others in our community.

The Jackson EMC Foundation recently awarded a $2,500 grant to the Gainesville-Hall Community Food Pantry, to purchase food from the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Georgia Mountain Food Bank for distribution to Hall County individuals and families who are low income and in need of food assistance.

The Gainesville-Hall Community Food Pantry was founded in 1973 for the purpose of assisting those in need of food. According to Feeding America, a national hunger relief organization, one in seven people in America struggle with hunger. The food pantry, a volunteer-based organization, is one of the oldest in the area and consistently makes an effort to decrease this statistic.

“In 2019, we gave away more than 58,000 pounds of food. While local food drives provide some goods, most of the food we distribute is purchased from the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Georgia Mountain Food Bank," Reba Page, director of the Gainesville-Hall Community Food Pantry explained. "Without funding, we would not be able to buy that food to distribute to our clients.”

With the help from grants like the one funded by the Jackson EMC Foundation, the food pantry is able to provide food to more than 10,000 people a year.

“Our clients are always so thankful and appreciative – and that’s what I want Jackson EMC members to know. We’re thankful for the members who donate to Operation Round Up to help build a community that continues to give back to those who need help,” Page said.

For more information on the Gainesville-Hall Community Food Pantry, including ways to get involved, contact Reba Page at 678-316-1161