17:01 PM

Community Impact: Quinlan Visual Arts Center

Each summer, the Quinlan Visual Arts Center holds a summer art program for children and teens to learn and explore the world of art.

At the summer program, students learn about art history, art appreciation, color theory and experiment with different mediums such as 3D sculpture, drawing, painting and collage. According to the center’s executive director Nairika K. Cornett, however, what the students take away from the camp goes beyond basic art skills and appreciation.

“Students that attend our summer art program learn how to use creative thinking to help think outside of the box,” Cornett said. “The students’ minds have sparks. The more sparks you can ignite and give them helps them change their way of thinking and they become better problem solvers. That’s going to help them for life.”

The Jackson EMC Foundation recently awarded the Quinlan Visual Arts Center a $10,000 grant to help provide free or reduced cost participation in the summer art program for children and teens in underserved communities served by Jackson EMC.

The Quinlan Visual Arts Center has provided the Gainesville community with art programs for 75 years. Its summer program consists of eight individual week-long sessions. Students spend the week learning from center teachers and volunteers. “This grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation is instrumental in making our summer art program happen. We don’t want to turn students away, and this grant helps us provide opportunities to students who might not be able to attend otherwise. These students’ lives are being changed and we’re thankful for everyone involved,” Cornett said.

To learn more about the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, visit qvac.org.