11:19 AM

Community Impact: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a national organization with more than 340 chapters, works to ensure children have a bed to sleep in each night. The nonprofit works with community members to build and supply beds for children ages 3-17 who have inadequate sleeping situations and, who may be sleeping on a couch or floor.

A recent $10,000 grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation helped fund supplies for 40 fully-furnished twin beds for children in need in Hall County. The organization identifies needs through school counselors or social workers, and volunteers set up a portable assembly line to complete the process. 

“This is designed to involve as many people as possible from the community,” said Ric Williams, Belmont chapter president for Hall County. “It really is a great mix of helping people in need in the community and engaging people to volunteer in the community.”

The Belmont chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace serves Hall County and was started by Williams in January 2022. With a background of teaching in low-income schools, his passion for helping kids in need drove him to open a chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace in his community. 

“I have seen what poverty does to a child,” said Williams. “We are incredibly appreciative of the Jackson EMC Foundation and its donations.”

For more information on the Belmont chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, visit shpbeds.org/chapter/ga-belmont.