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Community Impact: Tiny Stitches

Providing Comfort for Babies in Need

When a nurse noticed some families taking their newborns home in just a diaper and towel, she gathered a group of colleagues to use their sewing skills to help babies have a better start.

Today, Tiny Stitches, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged newborns in North Georgia with enough clothing and blankets to keep them warm for the first three months of their lives.

Based in Suwanee, Tiny Stitches has more than 200 volunteers spread across North Georgia lovingly sewing, knitting and crocheting handmade blankets, nightgowns, sleepers, caps, socks, undershirts and more for newborns. Those items are then packaged in a tote bag and taken for delivery to families in need. Since its inception in 1999, the group has provided more than 8,160 layettes for newborns.

Last year, Tiny Stiches provided 255 layettes for newborns in Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson and Franklin counties. The group recently received a $10,000 grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation to purchase supplies for its volunteers, who sew blankets and clothing for newborns.

“Our volunteers help because these babies wouldn’t have any warm clothes or blankets,” said Susan Brunton, president of Tiny Stitches.

Volunteers can sew at home or join local workshops, where they can drop off their creations, collect sewing supplies and yarn, and share ideas with fellow sewers. Regular workshops are held throughout Northeast Georgia. Supply donations are also accepted at the Atlanta Sewing Center in Duluth and Marietta.

After knitting, crocheting and sewing items, the layettes are taken to various local hospitals, health departments, women’s shelters and civic organizations for distribution. The families receiving these handmade gifts often don’t know who created them.

“We don’t do it for the thank you’s,” Brunton said. “We do it for the babies and to make life a little easier for the family.”

Jackson EMC members are also helping newborns in need, thanks to their Operation Round Up contributions, Brunton said.

“The Jackson EMC Foundation has really helped us,” she said. “We couldn’t do what we do without a Jackson EMC Foundation grant. We can’t thank them enough.”

For more information, visit tinystitches.org.