09:32 AM

Community Impact: Truth’s Community Clinic

Truth’s Community Clinic, formerly known as Hebron Community Health Center, is a nonprofit, part-time clinic serving uninsured Gwinnett County residents with medical and dental care. The Jackson EMC Foundation recently awarded the organization a $15,000 grant to help fund its Next Step Project, which provides patients with important health referrals, screenings and pharmaceutical needs.

The Next Step Project provides the opportunity for uninsured adults to receive health screenings they might not receive otherwise. This allows patients to determine if they have a serious medical condition, such as a patient who recently had early stages of cancer detected from a screening. Thanks to this program, he was able to receive treatment sooner.

Scarlett Rigsby, executive director at Truth’s Community Clinic, said the services provided by the nonprofit go beyond physical health services. “While we are sure to treat their physical needs, we do recognize that it’s really an effort to treat the patients’ minds, bodies, spirits and overall wellbeing,” said Rigsby.

Many of the volunteers assist with non-health services at the clinic, such as helping the children of patients by combining medical services with attention to other support. Truth’s Community Clinic builds rapport with patients through a more personal approach. “We have had volunteers take patients to their appointments. We know their children and talk and pray with them,” Rigsby said. “It’s a really beautiful thing.”

“Life doesn’t have a monetary value, but this grant from the Jackson EMC Foundation allows us to deepen relationships and potentially 
save lives,” said Rigsby.

For more information on Truth's Community Clinic, visit truthsclinic.org.