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Connect with Contractors for Energy Efficient Home Improvements

Finding the right contractor for your energy efficient home improvements can make a difference when it comes to quality and reliability. If you don’t know where to start your search, we can help.

Jackson EMC’s contractor network helps members connect with qualified contractors to make HVAC, insulation and weatherization improvements. 

“Contractors in Jackson EMC’s contractor network are trained in whole-house assessments, meaning how your home’s HVAC, air sealing and insulation can work together to affect energy efficiency,” said Jackson EMC’s Director of Residential Marketing Christy Queen. “Contractors who take into consideration ‘the house as a system’ are most likely to meet members’ needs and expectations.” 

As a member of Jackson EMC, you may qualify for financing of energy-efficient home improvements. To qualify for a HomePlus Loan, improvements must be made by a contractor from Jackson EMC’s participating contractor network. 

To learn more about the contractor network, including qualifications, contact a Jackson EMC Residential Energy Advisor at 1-800-462-3691. To view a list of participating contractors, visit jacksonemc.com/contractors.