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Customer Satisfaction Reaches All-time High

The numbers are out, and according to customer surveys, Jackson EMC members are more satisfied than ever with the service provided by their electric cooperative.

Findings from the 2013 Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey reveal Jackson EMC scored 94 on overall satisfaction, marking a statistically significant increase since 2011 and maintaining a consistent level of high performance over the past decade.

Jackson EMC first reached a high level of performance in 2003 with a customer satisfaction score of 90. Scores have remained consistent since then and climbed in recent years.

The findings are based on surveys completed by residential customers and measure performance in key areas linked to customer satisfaction, including customer service, quality of electric service, billing, value provided, information and contact experience.

Significant findings in the 2013 survey include:

• Respondents giving an 8, 9 or 10 rating increased to 94 percent, the highest percentage measured in the last 20 years.

• Overall customer service was rated consistently high in all Jackson EMC districts.

• Verbatim comments continued to support a high level of confidence in the company, its management and employees.

• A majority of respondents scored favorably when questioned about Jackson EMC’s “price compared to other providers” and “overall value for the price you pay.”

• Customer service scores were high in all categories – including response to requests, performing service or repairs right the first time and being considerate of property – and at 90 percent or above in each Jackson EMC district.

• Respondents rated the billing process high in all districts with an overall score of 93.

A large percentage of members, 93 percent, indicated they would choose Jackson EMC if they could choose their electric utility. Respondents expressed satisfaction in the quality of electric service with appreciation for few power outages and prompt power restoration after outages.

Members expressed satisfaction in Jackson EMC’s communication efforts and the level of information shared, with Jemco News and bill inserts remaining popular methods of communicating. Social media information on outages, energy efficiency tips and how-to videos were considered useful.

The overall company image scored 93 percent, a high mark related to Jackson EMC as a trustworthy company concerned about its members’ needs, having knowledgeable employees and being well-managed.

Along with ranking various items, respondents were allowed to share comments.

“The positive comments indicated that members have an enduring high regard for Jackson EMC as a company,” says President/CEO Randall Pugh. “Many referred to us as a good or well-managed company and noted exemplary service and employees.”

In addition, several respondents thanked Pugh for his service and congratulated him on his upcoming retirement.