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Dig Safely by First Contacting Georgia 811

Whether you’re planning a DIY project to install a new mailbox or a fire pit – or tackling a bigger landscaping project – contacting Georgia 811 is your first step.

By contacting Georgia 811 before any outdoor digging project begins, you’ll start a process to ensure utility lines are safely marked to prevent damage to underground equipment or potentially cause personal injuries.

  1. Submit your request to dig at least two days in advance by calling 811 or visit Georgia811.com.
  2. Wait while Georgia 811, which is a free service, contacts local utilities about your request. Utilities have 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to mark their underground facilities at your location.
  3. Each utility will mark their underground equipment with flags. Each flag color represents a type of utility. Red flags, for example, mark where underground power lines are located.
  4. Once each utility has marked your location, you can dig carefully in a buffer zone that’s at least 18 inches on either side of the outer edge of the marked underground utility.

For more information, visit jacksonemc.com/dig.