13:28 PM

Discount Available to Help Low-Income Seniors

We understand that sometimes members may need assistance paying their electric bills. If you’re a senior living in a low-income household, you may qualify for a discount.

Jackson EMC offers a senior/low-income discount for members who are at least 62 years old with a total household income that qualifies for federal poverty standards. Currently, a family of two with an annual income of $18,310 and below may be eligible. 

Senior members could receive a discount of $12.50 off their monthly electric bill. That can result in a $150 annual savings. 

"We know that for many seniors, saving a little extra money can be beneficial for their households,” said Brent Cochran, director of customer service at Jackson EMC. “We’re happy to help those seniors who may qualify for this low-income discount to start saving." 

To qualify for the discount, you must: 

• Be at least 62 years old with a total household income at or below the current year’s federal poverty guidelines; 

• Have a residential Jackson EMC account for a primary residence in your name; 

• Have electric service from a single meter that is wired for your individual use; and, 

• Complete a senior/low-income discount application form, including having it notarized. 

To apply for the discount, you can download the application from our website and mail the completed form to: Jackson EMC, P.O. Box 100, Jefferson, GA 30549. You can also contact us to have the application mailed to you for completion.