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EMC Security Celebrates 20 Years

It was 20 years ago that Jackson EMC and its neighboring co-op, Walton EMC, started a home security business, called EMC Security. In October 2006, GreyStone Power Corporation, based in Douglasville, joined as a partner in the cooperative-owned business.

Today, EMC Security provides more than just security systems. Its services also include home technology and medical alert devices.

In the past 20 years, EMC Security has been asked a lot of questions.

Here are some of the most frequent:

Q: How much does a security system cost?

A: If you already have a system in your home, activation could be as low as $35. If not, EMC Security can set up a system starting at $99.

Q: What does a home security system include?

A: The first priority is protecting the entry doors to your home, especially the front and back, with sensors that detect opening and closing. Depending on the home structure and your lifestyle needs, additional devices can be added such as glass-break detectors, monitored smoke and CO2 detectors, video cameras, and home automation devices.

Q: How much is monitoring?

A: Home monitoring starts at $16.95 a month for a phone line and Wi-Fi connection with no hidden costs or fees. This includes 24/7 intrusion, fire, CO and flood detection, plus medical emergency service. Worried about a phone line being cut accidentally or by an intruder? A cellular connection is only $7 extra a month. Our monitoring price hasn’t changed since 1999.

Q: Can you monitor my existing system from another company?

A: We can monitor most existing home security systems. If you like your security system, but not the monitoring service, or if you’ve moved to a new home with an existing system, give us a call.

Q: What’s the difference between hardwired and wireless security systems?

A: The traditional hardwired system is probably what most people think of when it comes to security systems. It uses a network of wires concealed in walls, attics and crawlspaces or basements to connect individual sensors and controls to the main panel of the system. Wireless system sensors communicate to the system’s panel using radio technology. You can take wireless systems with you, if you move. There are several monitoring options for both, including phone line, Wi- Fi or cellular networks.

Q: What are the trends in home security?

A: Without a doubt, security cameras are the most requested add-on item. Customers love cameras because they can stay in touch with their home (and everything inside) from wherever they are located. Cameras are affordable and a terrific enhancement to the security system. Also, homeowners want to access and control their system from their smartphones. Our interactive services allow this through a simple app. Home automation is another hot trend. It allows the integration of devices, including lights, thermostats and locks, to the home security hub.

For more information about EMC Security, visit emcsecurity.com or call 770-963-0305.