14:15 PM

EMC Security Text Notifications Offer Enhanced Experience

EMC Security is committed to providing options that simplify customers’ lives and make it easier to utilize their security systems, whether at home or away. 

In the spirit of convenience, EMC Security is offering a free innovative text notification option you won’t see anywhere else. With EMC Text-Alert, customers can opt-in to be notified via text message when an alarm signal reports to the central monitoring station. The customer can request to cancel the alarm or dispatch authorities directly from the text platform. This feature will not replace the call notification process; the call procedure will begin if the text is not accessed within 60 seconds. 

Studies have shown that the new texting tool has decreased false alarms significantly, reducing municipality fines and frustration. 

The texting tool is also used to notify the customer of non-emergency situations such as power outages, low battery or trouble signals. Upon receipt, the customer can request technical support to resolve the issue quickly. 

“EMC Text-Alert is a great way to reach customers that can’t immediately take a call. It’s a discreet way for EMC Security to reach customers in the way they prefer, so they can make critical decisions in real-time and take action quickly,” said Vince Raia, president of EMC Security. 

EMC Text-Alert is provided to customers at no additional cost.

To learn more about EMX Text-Alert, contact EMC Security at 770-963-0305 or visit emcsecurity.com.