15:19 PM

Bilingual Communication Coordinator

Stefano Sandoval

Our communication coordinators are master organizers who ensure that information flows to the right people throughout our engineering and operations department. And, they have to be creative while thinking on their feet when the unpredictability of a day changes the plan.

Typical day in this role: A typical day begins with pulling work for the field service reps to get them started for the day. Then, moving onto other tasks, such as processing county inspections, and entering and clearing multiple orders so information can be available as quickly as possible for everyone. Then, throughout the day, I handle calls from multiple departments such as engineering, right-of-way and servicemen that need to assist non-English speaking members.

Favorite part of this role: Being able to communicate with various departments throughout the company, while meeting the needs of our members in an efficient and effective way. 

Stefano says "This is a fun and exciting job. It’s never a routine, since there is always something new to learn.”

Editor's Note: Since this story was initially published, Stefano has been promoted to a Contact Center Supervisor in our corporate office in Jefferson.