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Energy Efficiency Makes Cents with HomePlus Loans

Who doesn’t want to save money? In these lean times, we all do. One way you can save money – and get your home energy fit – is by cutting back on your energy bill, a goal that’s attainable when your home’s outdated heat pump, water heater or ductwork are updated with energy efficient models.

Getting your home energy fit has never been so easy, thanks to Jackson EMC’s HomePlus Loan Program. We offer low-interest financing for up to $5,500 for 36 months for energy efficient improvements to your home. Qualification is based on assessment of creditworthiness and the underwriting standards of our partner, GEMC Federal Credit Union. Additional financing of up to $25,000 may be available at terms that vary with the amount borrowed.

To participate in the loan program, you must use a contractor in the Jackson EMC Participating Contractor Network. Special program procedures must be followed and field verification done prior to loan closing.

You may qualify for our HomePlus Loan. To get started, call your local Jackson EMC office and speak with a marketing representative or visit www.jacksonemc.com/loans. If you qualify, making the home improvements you’ve been putting off becomes a cinch this spring!

Examples of ways you can save energy and money with the HomePlus Loan include:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pump replacement.
  • Water heater replacement (Marathon and ENERGY STAR® qualified solar thermal and heat pump water heaters)
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines)
  • ENERGY STAR ® qualified windows
  • Ductwork repair, insulation and air sealing