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Energy Saving Rates and Tips

More than 98 percent of Jackson EMC's business customers are billed under the General Service (GS) rate plan. Factors including the amount of energy used, fluctuating costs of energy, your electrical demand and your hours of operation determine the amount you pay under the GS rate.

Peak Demand

The billing demand factor is designed to encourage our customers to reduce energy use, particularly during summer, our peak demand period. Since your billing demand is based on the highest 30-minute kW demand during the current month and preceding year, you can save by spreading out your electrical usage through the day.

One way to keep your peak demand down in summer is choosing the time of day to operate certain pieces of equipment. For example, loading and unloading product from a refrigerated warehouse during the hottest time of day can cause energy used for refrigeration to spike during a time of high electricity use. Scheduling loading in the morning means your refrigeration units won't have to work as hard during peak hours. If you have equipment that needs charging, such as electric forklifts, charge them overnight.

Load Management

Businesses with the flexibility to turn off large equipment or otherwise reduce load during peak periods may be able to save more with the Load Management Rate.

For more information about ways to manage your energy use and what rate may work best for you, contact your Commercial & Industrial Representative.