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Engineered for POWER

Providing our members with safe, reliable power is what Jackson EMC is all about. Our engineers work in some areas you might not realize in order to keep the lights on for our 220,000+ members. Here's a look at five of the amazing engineers who work at Jackson EMC.

Tommy Parker | System Planner Planning for a system as large as Jackson EMC takes coordination and time. Tommy works on 10-year long-range plans and three-year construction work plans that include everything from where substations should be built to which lines need to be upgraded and where new lines will be needed. Engineers are needed every step of the way, from planning construction to computer programming and then installing new technology as it becomes available.

‚ÄčLori McCutcheon | Communications Programmer Lori manages the department in charge of communication systems. Everything from fiber optics, radios and phones to monitoring and controlling substations, meters and line switches. She’s also in charge of the apparatus shop that ensures meters, transformers and other equipment operates correctly.

Jonathan Weaver | Electric Forecaster Jonathan works in power generation, planning for green power, solar energy programs, forecasting member needs, distributed automation and load management. He works to make sure there is enough power coming through our lines to supply all 220,000+ members with enough electricity, and at a low price. He pays attention to population growth trends, weather forecasts and the cost of power generation so decision makers can have informed models to base a decision around and provide members with low-cost power.

Brittany Caison | Energy Conservation Specialist  As a commercial and industrial engineer, Brittany works with Jackson EMC’s business members to ensure they are using energy wisely. She helps identify energy efficiency issues through energy audits and helps customers monitor equipment operation using infrared imaging. When members need to make design changes to their lighting or HVAC system, she works with them during the design process to maximize efficiency and save them money.

Mike Hudlow | Electrical Designer Mike works with businesses and homeowners to design electrical system plans for individual locations. Decisions about whether wire will be overhead or underground, the size of the transformer and the cabling are important capacity decisions that go into the work order, or blueprints, linemen use while working. Using integrated GIS mapping, Mike’s designs guarantee coordination across the system for reliability.