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Enjoy Comfort and Savings with a Right Choice™ Home

There’s a lot to consider when buying a new home. The neighborhood, style of house and quality of construction are a few. Comfort and energy efficiency are just as important, and Jackson EMC’s Right Choice™ homes program can help with that.

New homes built to Right Choice standards come with a one-year comfort warranty and three-year energy use warranty. They earn Jackson EMC’s lowest residential energy rate, which saves homeowners approximately 5% on annual energy costs. Energy savings components built into each Right Choice home also help save energy for the life of the home.

Heating and cooling account for a home’s largest energy expense, and Right Choice homes help you lower that expense by 20-30% compared to standard homes. The Right Choice program is exclusive to Jackson EMC, and each Right Choice home is:

  • Constructed by industry-leading builders
  • Designed by engineers who calculate properly sized heating and cooling equipment in order to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Tested for home performance to ensure energy efficient construction

Ask your Jackson EMC representative for details, including warranty terms and conditions. To learn why a Right Choice home is right for you, visit jacksonemc.com/rightchoice.