14:08 PM

Few Weather-Related Outages, But Crews Remain Ready to Respond

At mid-Day Wednesday, Jackson EMC crews had responded to few weather related outages, but remained on standby to quickly respond as needed. In the Hamilton Mill area of Gwinnett, a tree large took out lines and briefly cut power to around 1,500 members. Crews were able to quickly restore power to all but 910 of those, and had the line repaired and power restored to the remaining customers within an hour.

As of 1:30 p.m., no other large outages had occurred, but Jackson EMC personnel continue to monitor weather conditions around the clock and are ready to respond when and where they are needed.

If outages do occur, Jackson EMC is encouraging members to report them online. “Members can report outages on our website jacksonemc.com, or using a smartphone or tablet at mobile.jacksonemc.com,” said Bonnie Jones, director, public relations/communications. “We encourage smartphone users to download a shortcut icon on their home screen now to have it their fingertips in the event of an outage.” When outages are reported online, they are entered directly into Jackson EMC’s outage management system.

In addition to an outage reporting tool, mobile.jacksonemc.com provides detailed outage information that’s updated in real time.

To download the shortcut icon to your smartphone home screen, follow these simple instructions:

Android Users:
Go to mobile.jacksonemc.com
Select bookmark icon
Add bookmark (Click Save when finished)
Long press the new bookmark, then select “add shortcut.”

iPhone users:
Go to mobile.jacksonemc.com
Select bookmark/share icon
Select "add to home screen."