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How Life Changes Can Affect Your Energy Bill

Life happens. When life changes occur, your energy use could change, too. Whether your energy use rises or falls because of life’s changes, it helps to know where you can save energy in specific circumstances. Do these life changes apply to you?

Adding a family member.

Are you welcoming a new family member to your household? Getting married, having a baby or moving an older relative to your home could mean more energy for appliances, electronics, and heating and cooling your home. 

Now is a great time to use Jackson EMC’s Home Energy Monitor to get a free comprehensive report of your energy use. By providing some information about your household – like the number of people living there – you’ll receive a report on your energy use and recommendations for saving energy.

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Moving to a new home.

Whether you’re moving to a smaller residence or a bigger one, moving to a new home could mean change in your energy use. 

Once you’ve settled in, consider examining your home for any energy issues. Your new home may benefit from a DIY energy efficiency project. Need ideas on where to look? Visit

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Working from home.

Spending more time at home? Whether you’re working or studying from home, if you’re staying home more often, your energy expenses are likely to rise. Increased use of electronics, like laptops, is part of the impact. Heating and cooling your home while you're there is a major contributor to your energy costs. Your energy use may also fluctuate if your work or school schedule changes, impacting the time you spend at home. 

One way you can lower energy use by unplugging electronics when you’re not using them. Even when turned off, most electronics continue to use energy while plugged into an outlet. This wasted energy could add up to an extra 10% to your home’s energy use.

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Home improvements.

Major upgrades to your home – like finishing a basement or bonus room – can make your house more enjoyable. With more space to heat and cool, your energy bill may increase. On average, heating and cooling accounts for 35-45% of a home’s electric bill – so make sure your upgrades are energy efficient. 

Need help finding qualified contractors for your energy efficiency improvements? Jackson EMC’s contractor network can help you connect with qualified contractors to make HVAC, insulation and weatherization improvements.

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