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Intern Q & A: Alyssa Meeks

Meet Alyssa Meeks, a college intern in the Accounting Department at Jackson EMC. Alyssa is a senior at the University of Georgia where she's double majoring in Spanish and accounting. She has been an intern at Jackson EMC for three months now and plans to continue her internship for the remainder of the academic year. After graduation, she plans to go into public accounting.

We sat down with Alyssa to get to know her a little better and ask her about what it’s been like as an intern at Jackson EMC.

Q: Dog person or cat person?

A: Dogs! I have a dog back home, Susie. She’s a Corgi/Jack Russell mix…we think.

Favorite TV Show?

A: The Office! 

Q: What music are you listening to lately?

A: My music taste is a little all over the place, but most recently I’ve been enjoying Penny & Sparrow.

Q: How did you decide to apply for an internship at Jackson EMC?

A: I saw the posting on Handshake, a job site available to UGA students. I had my first phone call with Leslie Nichols, Jackson EMC Director, finance and accounting, and I really related to her about wanting to go into public accounting. I liked that Jackson EMC was a people-oriented company and that an internship with the cooperative would give me an opportunity to see behind the scenes before going into public accounting.

Q: How would you describe the transition into your role as an intern here at Jackson EMC?

A: It was unique. I went through training and was slowly given more responsibility. Eventually, I was helping do research for the budget with Leslie and taking on tasks of my own.

Q: How has your intern experience here been so far?

A: I’ve loved it. Everyone is very welcoming. They make sure to work around my school schedule and have allowed me to gain exposure in a lot of different areas of accounting.

Q: Have you had a previous internship? How did it compare with Jackson EMC?

A: I haven't had a previous intenrship, but I did work in a more professional, assistant style job in the Study Abroad office at UGA. I learned a lot about using spreadsheets. But, here, I have much more responsibility. Everyone here is willing to explain things and they trust me with bigger assignments.

Q: What is your favorite part about your internship?

A: First, the people. They’re hilarious and very sweet. When I transitioned from working full-time over the summer to part-time for the school year, they baked me brownies. Second, the practical experience. It’s been reassuring to see that I actual enjoy accounting and the day-to-day numbers and tasks.

Q: What would you say to anyone thinking about interning at Jackson EMC?

A: I definitely recommend it. It’s not only a great steppingstone, but you will enjoy your time here. Everyone is willing to teach you as you go, and they take you in so quickly. I’ve loved it.

Interested in an internship like Alyssa’s? Visit jacksonemc.com/careers to view current openings.