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Internships at Jackson EMC

Meet Zac Saine, a student intern at Jackson EMC supporting our executive, marketing and communication teams at the corporate office in Jefferson. Zac is a recent graduate of Jackson County Comprehensive High School in Jefferson. In the fall, he's headed to Emmanuel College, where he will study psychology, on a pre-law track. Zac plans to be a lawyer.

We sat down with Zac before he starts college to hear about some of the highlights of his internship at Jackson EMC.

Q: How did you land an internship at Jackson EMC?
Mrs. (Laura) Boswell, [the work-based learning coordinator at Jackson County Comprehensive High School] brought the opportunity up to me and we just ran with it.

Q: What is your favorite part about your internship?
The people I have met and learned from. Everybody is so kind and willing to help me learn.

Q: What was your first day as an intern like?
My favorite day was when Oglethorpe Power Corporation came and toured our campus. Teal (Glover) and I helped with lunch and set up for the presentations. The best part of the day was sitting in for the presentation on how we buy power, the system we use to distribute it, and the positive impact we have on our members.

Q: What was your favorite project you worked on during your internship?
My favorite project is an ongoing project of organizing a departmental closet. We get a bunch of fun new stuff and finding a place for it and moving stuff around is fun because it’s basically a big puzzle.

Q: What is the most notable thing you learned during your internship?
That having fun at work and always being willing to help creates the best work environment. It is like one big family in this office.

Q: What is one thing you want other people to know about Jackson EMC?
Everybody always makes a point to ask about your day and how everything is going. It is just a great environment.

Q: Why should students intern with Jackson EMC?
Students should intern with Jackson EMC because everybody wants to see you learn and succeed and every day is interesting and tons fun.

Interested in an internship at Jackson EMC? Visit jacksonemc.com/careers to view current openings.