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Introducing Home Energy Fitness in 4 Easy Steps...

1. Evaluate
Get a Right Choice Home  Performance with ENERGY STAR® audit and receive specific home improvement recommendations. The audit begins with a visual inspection to ensure that insulation and air sealing meets current energy standards. A technician then conducts the analysis using specialized equipment to pinpoint potential problem areas. The analysis also measures your home’s air infiltration.

2. Improve
If energy upgrades or repairs are needed, you’ll be connected with a contractor in the Participating Contractor Network.

3. Verify
Once the energy fitness improvements are made, a follow-up inspection is performed to verify that the work improved the energy efficiency.

4. Save
Jackson EMC offers rebates to offset the cost of the evaluation, a lowinterest loan program and a variety of rebates for energy improvements. You’ll begin saving both money and energy immediately.

Depending on the improvements you make, you may receive up to $1,000 in Jackson EMC rebates when you follow the Right Choice™ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® audit recommendations. You’ll receive a $200 rebate just for completing your audit.

Get started today! Just call Jackson EMC at 1-800-462-3691 or visit us online at jacksonemc.com/energyfit.