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Introducing Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rate

In response to members asking about rates for electric vehicle drivers, Jackson EMC now offers a Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rate.

“When we discovered the growing interest of our members, we looked for a way to offer them an extra incentive to minimize their electricity use during peak hours by charging their car at night,” says Brittany Caison, commercial/ industrial engineer. “Because Jackson EMC has the potential to save by avoiding power usage during these periods, customers with electric vehicles who help us are now rewarded with a special energy rate for their entire household.”

Along with being good for the environment, driving an electric vehicle is easy on the wallet. On average, it costs about three times less to drive an electric vehicle, according to the Department of Energy.

In Georgia, regular unleaded gasoline costs, on average, $3.33 per gallon. The cost for driving an electric vehicle averages $1.09 per e-gallon, the Department of Energy’s measure for the cost of fueling a vehicle with electricity compared to a similar but gasolinefueled vehicle.

As electric vehicle technology improves, and the cost of electric vehicles decreases, more Americans will continue to make the switch to electric. As a result, Jackson EMC offers price breaks to those who drive electric vehicles and are willing to help us by avoiding power usage during peak periods.

The whole-house Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rate is similar to our Residential Time-ofUse rate plan, which encourages the shift of electricity use from peak time periods, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on summer weekdays, to off-peak periods. In addition, those on the Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Rate have the added benefit of a Super Off-Peak period during the hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. when charging their car will result in the greatest savings.

To see the electric vehicle rate, visit www.jacksonemc.com/evrate.