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It's Time to Get Energy Fit

Join the Home Energy Fitness Challenge

Is your home out of shape? Have your HVAC filters gained a few pounds of dust since the last time you changed them? Does your flabby weather stripping need firming up? Put your home on notice: It’s time to Shape Up!

Create a Winning Strategy to Get Your Home Energy Fit

  1. Concentrate your efforts on the two biggest energy users:
         a. Air conditioning
         b. Water heating
  2. Discuss the habits and lifestyles of your family and encourage family members to use the following low- or no-cost ways to lower your power bills:

         a. Raise your air conditioner thermostat setting in the summer. Higher settings than you normally use will lower operating costs for your air conditioning system.

         b. Change filters monthly (or according to manufacturer recommendations) to keep your HVAC running at top efficiency. Have your unit(s) professionally tuned up. Many contractors participate in Jackson EMC’s energy efficient program services; look for the Participating Contractor Network at www.jacksonemc.com/contractors.

         c. Use fluorescent lights, CFLs and LEDs to add light while saving energy and reducing heat.

         d. Add weather stripping to doors and windows to keep the cool air inside.

         e. Run the washer and dishwasher with full loads or smaller load settings. Wash clothes in cold water. Set water heater thermostat at 120 degrees for maximum efficiency.

         f. Caulk and seal cracks. Seal plumbing penetrations under sinks. Install insulators in electrical outlets on exterior walls.

For more tips, visit www.jacksonemc.com/DIY.