12:51 PM

Jackson EMC announces return of $6 million to members

(JEFFERSON, GA., September 19, 2014)—At the 75th Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) Annual Meeting on September 18, the Board of Directors announced that in December the cooperative will mail $6 million in margin refunds to more than 207,000 members who received electric service in 1989 and/or 2013.

“Jackson EMC is a not-for-profit cooperative. The board of directors is able to return a portion of the revenue left over after all the bills are paid, funds which we refer to as ‘margins’, to our members at the end of each year,” noted board Chairman Otis Jones. “After this December’s refund, Jackson EMC will have returned nearly $102 million in margin refunds to its owner/members since the cooperative was founded in 1938.”

After reporting the year’s highlights to cooperative members, Jackson EMC President/CEO Chip Jakins told the audience that the Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey completed in late 2013 had yielded an overall satisfaction score of 94 percent, a record for the cooperative and one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), which tracks such companies as Walmart and Coca-Cola. “I have to tell you that I credit those scores to the hard work and dedication of this cooperative’s employees, and the strong leadership of your board of directors,” he said; adding, “But I also want to let you know that while we’re very proud of the survey results, you better believe we aren’t taking them for granted.”