09:13 AM

Jackson EMC Closing in on Storm-Related Outages

(Jefferson, Ga., March 22, 2017) Jackson EMC has restored power to nearly 15,000 members since the start of the storm Tuesday evening. Crews are still working to restore power for about 450 members. Jackson EMC replaced 16 broken poles and worked through many downed trees and limbs in the process of restoring power.

Crews continue to work this morning after working through the night, and will continue the job until all power is restored. Some isolated outages may take more time, and any members who have damage to their service entrance (customer-owned equipment where Jackson EMC’s lines enter private homes) must get them repaired by a private electrician before Jackson EMC can restore power.

For real-time updates on outage numbers, and other details, please visit: jacksonemc.com/storm.