16:00 PM

Jackson EMC Communicators Receive National Awards

Jackson EMC’s communication department recently earned multiple awards from the Cooperative Communicators Association (CCA) for communication pieces developed for members and employees.

CCA is a trade association of cooperatives across North America, including brands like Sunkist, Land O’Lakes, National Cooperative Bank, Dairy Farmers of America and many electric cooperatives. The organization’s annual awards program recognizes excellence in communication projects and programs developed by its cooperative members.

Jackson EMC earned these honors
• First place among websites for the relaunch of Jackson EMC’s website, jacksonemc.com. Judges’ comments included, “Site makes a great first impression. Good color, font and photo selections. Also works well on mobile devices.” 
• First place for a special Jackson EMC-branded coffee tin given to cooperative retirees. The coffee tin included artwork created for Jackson EMC showing a lineman drinking coffee. Judges’ comments included, “This is a practical item and very creative! As a fellow coffee lover, if I had received this gift, I’d use the coffee AND save the package. Mission accomplished!” 
• Second place for a documentary video about Jackson EMC linemen competing in the International Lineman’s Rodeo. 
• Second place for a promotional video highlighting innovation at Jackson EMC. The video was shown at the 2021 Annual Meeting, is featured on the website and has been used several commercials. 
• Third place in member publications for JEMCO News, Jackson EMC’s monthly newsletter for members.

In addition, another publication by Jackson EMC was honored in the national Spotlight on Excellence Awards program, sponsored by the Council of Rural Electric Communicators and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The cooperative’s employee newsletter, JEMClips, received a silver award in the best internal news publication category.

“I am so proud of this creative and talented team to be honored at this level. These awards speak to the daily mission of creating engaging communication strategies that enhance understanding of Jackson EMC, its people and its values,” said April Sorrow, Jackson EMC’s vice president of communication.

Jackson EMC communication team members honored with these awards included: Casey Abernathy, Brooke Blackmon, Taylor Compton, Karen Ewing, Wendy Jones, Dekotah Mathis, Shelby Rumer and Kerri Testement.