14:48 PM

Jackson EMC Completes Reorganization Staffing

(Jefferson, Ga., November 28, 2016) As part of a restructuring announced in July, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) has selected the eight vice presidents who will complete its leadership team. The cooperative is restructuring its operations to align all functions that directly provide service to cooperative members under a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and all functions that provide essential support services under a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Reporting to CFO Greg Keith are:

Dwayne Ansley, Vice President of Operations Support Services. Ansley was formerly Director of Operations Services and has been with the cooperative since 1987.

Brittany Caison, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analytics. Caison was formerly Commercial/Industrial Engineer and has been with the cooperative since 2011.

Keith Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Development. Johnson was formerly Director of Human Resources and has been with the cooperative since 2008.

Amy Rouse, Vice President of Finance, Accounting and Risk Management. Rouse had previously served as Manager of Accounting Services for Flint Energies in Reynolds, GA, since 2006, and for a CPA firm auditing electric cooperatives for seven years prior to joining Flint Energies.

Reporting to COO Roy Stowe are:

Lee Chapman, Vice President of Marketing, Member Relations and Governmental Affairs. Chapman was formerly Director of Industrial and Commercial Marketing and has been with the cooperative since 1988.

Joe Dorough, Vice President of Engineering and Operations. Dorough was formerly Director of System Engineering and has been with the cooperative since 1988.

Bonnie Jones, Vice President of Communication. Jones was formerly Director of Public Relations and Communications and has been with the cooperative since 2000.

Jeff Keen, Vice President of Information Technology. Keen was formerly Director of Information Systems and has been with the cooperative since 1983.

“The operations and support teams bring more than 220 years of experience in the electric cooperative business to the task of achieving our mission and vision. By working as a team, they’ll bring better coordination and efficiency to our work, as well as stimulate innovation in how we operate, and build on this cooperative’s history of providing high quality service to our members,” said Jackson EMC President/CEO Chip Jakins.

(Link to individual photographs - http://jacksonemc.smartimage.com/jackson-emc-vice-presidents)