19:06 PM

Jackson EMC Continues Preparing for Hurricane Threat

Some Jackson EMC members experienced outages Sunday as a result of high wind arriving ahead of Hurricane Irma. More significant wind and rain is forecasted for Northeast Georgia on Monday. Jackson EMC activated its Emergency Response Plan Friday, Sept. 8, and has mobilized contractor restoration crews prepared to respond to Hurricane Irma as quickly and safely as possible.

As of now, in addition to our own crews, Jackson EMC has more than 200 outside crew members from contractors and neighboring utilities in the area ready to be dispatched. If needed, these crews will work side-by-side with Jackson EMC’s linemen to remove damaged trees and limbs, and make outage repairs as quickly and safely as possible. We will continue to reach out for additional resources as needed. 

Before the storm: 

 Protect electronics and appliances. Turn off air conditioners since power surges can overload them, unplug all electronics such as DVD players, televisions and computers.

 Secure any outdoor items that could be moved by high winds and cause damage. Move patio furniture inside where possible.

 Charge all necessary electronics, including cell phones and tablets, so you can stay connected even if the power is out. Know how to adjust the settings on mobile devices to maximize battery life.


 Report Outages. Jackson EMC members should report outages to 1-800-245-4044 or by visiting outage.jacksonemc.com

 Storm Center. Outage updates and a map with current outages is available at: news.jacksonemc.com/outages/.

 Outage Map. Available in the Storm Center, the Outage Map provides real-time information on outages. www.jacksonemc.com/storm

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