18:00 PM

Jackson EMC Crews Respond to Storm-Related Outages

JEFFERSON, Ga., May 5, 2017 - Two waves of storms hit Georgia yesterday, causing extensive damage and power outages in several areas around the state. In Jackson EMC’s Northeast Georgia service area, the first wave of storms around midday cut power to around 1,700 members, due mostly to trees and tree limbs falling on lines during periods of high winds. These outages were concentrated mostly in Barrow, Banks, Hall and Jackson counties. While power to most members was restored within the hour, isolated outages in areas with more substantial damage took more time to repair.

A second wave of storms that arrived during the early hours on Friday caused outages to around 800 members in Gwinnett and Madison counties. These outages were also caused by trees and limbs falling on power lines and poles due to high winds.

Though the forecast for Friday through the weekend looks calm, damaging spring storms can occur unexpectedly at any time. Members are encouraged to prepare for power outages and other types of emergencies in advance. For tips on how to prepare, please visit www.jacksonemc.com/storm.